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Sustainable Bags

Sustainable Leather Bags

We are a sustainable luxury bag brand. Our designer bags are made with a next-generation leather like material called MIRUM® - am eco-friendly alternative to both traditional animal leather and plastic faux leather. MIRUM® is 100% plastic-free and made from natural ingredients such as tree rubber, plant fibers, oils and waxes, and other materials like clay, charcoal and quartz - backed with cotton. It's up to 10 times less carbon emitting than 'real' leather or pleather.

Is the MIRUM® leather alternative durable?

MIRUM® is tough. It was tested with the help of BMW, who are launching it for their new car interiors. It's too long lasting to be legally classified as biodegradable - but when it does eventually break down, it contributes nutrients back to the earth, not pollutants. Our plant-based, sustainable leather bags are made to last through significant wear and tear - they don't flake like plastic-based faux leather. If you're looking for a sustainable purse brand using world leading materials, you've come to the right place.

Is MIRUM® more sustainable than 'real' leather?

By leaps and bounds. Whilst animal leather is durable, its production is environmentally taxing, involving high emissions, wasteful water usage, pollution, and harmful tanning processes. 90% of global leather production is tanned with toxic chromium sulfate. Cattle farming is a leading global driver of deforestation.

Is MIRUM® more sustainable than pleather?

Oh yes. Regular faux leather, aka pleather, is made from plastics like PVC and PU, which are made from petroleum crude oil fossil fuels. Pleather production releases toxic chemicals, and at end of life pleather contributes to plastic waste issues. Pleather has been rebranded as 'vegan leather' in recent years to profit of the eco-friendly image associated with veganism, but it's anything but.

Where and how are our bags made?

We produce our eco chic, sustainable women's bags in small batches in an artisan workshop in Portugal. MIRUM® is made in a renewable energy powered factory in Illinois in the USA. It requires no water during production and generates no wastewater.