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What is MIRUM®?

Are you looking for an alternative to leather and plastic? Our sustainable bags are MADE WITH MIRUM®, the first 100% plastic free vegan leather in the world.

MIRUM® is completely natural

The name MIRUM® was inspired by the Latin word miraculum, meaning object of wonder.

MIRUM® is up to 10 times less greenhouse gas emitting than conventional animal or plastic leather. It is made from:

  • 47% natural tree rubber
  • 26% natural fibres and fillers
  • 27% plant oils and waxes
  • Backed with natural cotton

MIRUM® is 47% natural rubber

Did you know that natural rubber comes from tree sap? Sustainably managed rubber farms can actually result in net negative carbon emissions, because of the carbon that the trees absorb from the atmosphere.

MIRUM® is a categorically new material

Faux leather has been rebranded as 'vegan leather' in recent years. Although technically correct (pleather is made from petroleum based plastic, not animals) - brands have been using the eco connotations associated with veganism to greenwash pleather.

You may have heard about other sustainable vegan leathers hitting the market.

Yes, these BIO-PU materials are better than traditional faux leather, and they do contain plants. However, brands often neglect to mention that these 'plant-based' leathers still rely on percentage of plastic to achieve their durability.

MIRUM® is engineered, scientifically tested and proven to be strong, water-resistant and of uncompromising quality. It's so durable, that luxury brands such as BMW are already prototyping it for their car interiors.

Invented and made in the USA

MIRUM® is produced at a wind-energy powered factory in Illinois. It requires no water use during in production, and emits no wastewater.

Invented by a chemist in the United States - Dr Luke Haverhals studied the reactions between iconic liquids and natural fibres when in the US Naval Academy. His breakthrough came as a university professor years later, when he figured out how to mould and shape natural materials into new forms, without losing the intricate natural structures that made them strong and flexible.

Dr Haverhals and his CTO Aaron Amstutz recently won a prestigious IPOEF Inventor of the Year award - succeeding a high calibre of previous winners, including the inventors of vaccine mRNA technology.

100% plastic free, natural & circular

Durability and circularity

Considering MIRUM® is completely natural and doesn't contain any petrochemicals, it can safely return nutrients to the soil at the end of its life. It can also be recycled and turned into new MIRUM®.

We are not currently participating in the recycling program - due to the emissions of shipping bags back to the USA, and because the glue our factory uses has some synthetic polymers. We are working hard to find a natural glue for our next production run.

Interestingly, MIRUM® is too hard-wearing to be classified as biodegradable under law. But so is a tree! Just as you don't want your wooden house or furniture to break down whilst you're using it - designer leather accessories should be made to last.